EAC marking is a conformity mark put on products (or packing, label, regulatory documents) to indicate approval of the product by requirements set by law. Apart from safety and quality conformity approval EAC marking provides guarantee maintenance of goods/devices at service centres located on the territory of the Customs Union partners.

This marking was approved in August, 2013. It is presumed that over some time it will be equal to the conformity mark established in Europe (CE). However authorized CU representatives claim that despite CU regulations were developed taking into account European standards, requirements for products in the certification systems of CU TR and European Union differ considerably due to different climatic zones.

EAC is made of three letters «Е», «А», «С», which are presented graphically with right angles, of the same height and width and together comprise the form of square either on light or contrast background.

Requirements to EAC marking

Eurasian conformity mark must fit the following requirements:

  • easy identification;
  • sharp image towards product package;
  • image size not less than 0,5 cm;
  • no distortion or colors not prescribed by the law;
  • location strictly on the sector of the label/product negotiated in the Technical regulation;
  • clear vision within the lifetime of the examined product;
  • marking on the accompanying documents.

Several conformity marks may be placed on a product at the same time, for example firefight quality mark or voluntary quality assessment mark. Anyway these marks shall not prevent easy identification of EAC mark.

Images similar to EAC are not allowed to be put on products to avoid confusion.

Advantages of the marking

EAC marking not only proves passing through mandatory certification as per Technical regulation but also allows to make the same stamp on:

  1. promotion products;
  2. business cards;
  3. company website;
  4. in advertisement;
  5. blanks and other documents;
  6. the product itself.

When a customer sees this marking he feels subconsciously more confidence to the purchase goods. Thus diverse use of the marking gives a huge impulse to business, allows to expand the consumer group and increase sales.

How to get EAC marking?

To gain the right to make EAC marking you have to  pass preliminary quality assessment procedure consisting of several main stages:

  • apply to certification agency;
  • draw up appropriate application;
  • provide documentation package;
  • provide samples for testing;
  • running of laboratory tests;
  • capacity analysis (if required by certification schedule);
  • drafting of declaration/certificate;
  • release of a document;
  • product marking.

Where to get?

Both certificates and declarations may be acquired at “Rostest Latvia” agency, where you can also get free advisory assistance. Our specialists would develop EAC marking for your special type of package/label so that you could mark your goods in accordance with the law.