Certificate of conformity it is one of permissive documents required for the release of goods into circulation in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus (these countries are part of the Customs Union).

Manufacturers and suppliers of Latvia cannot enter the market with products that do not meet the requirements of regulations in importing countries. So on the eve of the commission of the export operation enterprises shall be inspected to ensure of compliance. Regulatory requirements contained in GOSTs (state standards), technical regulations, decrees, laws of importing countries.

GOST certificate of conformity

State standards exist in all three countries of the Customs Union. In Russia State Standards are developed in the Interstate Council of the Russian Federation for standardization, metrology, certification; in Belarus in the State Committee for standardization, in Kazakhstan in the State Standard of the Republic. These government organizations publish codes of rules, which are, described the order of production, requirements for product safety.

GOST certificate issued by the certification results after identifying the degree of conformity to GOST requirements.

Certificates of conformity of technical regulations and TR of the Customs Union

TR and TR of CU are technical regulations of national significance and technical regulations of the Customs Union. These standards, as well as GOSTs, contain a set of requirements for the production and circulation of products, and are considered as regulations that are more modern.

Certificate of conformity TR/TR CU are issued after the production (construction projects, processes, service processes, etc.) will be checked for compliance with the technical regulations.

How certificates are issued

The procedure of checking the conformity to state standards and technical regulations can be carried out on different paths – their choice depends on the kind of verification: a serial production, a batch or a production unit. The order of certification is as follows:

1) To accredited certification centre submit an application for the verification of conformity.

2) The applicant submitted documents that can serve as evidence of compliance – confirming the registration of the legal entity, the quality of raw materials and equipment used in manufacturing, safety of the final product, etc.

3) Specialists of certification centre select products samples of applicant and organize its tests.

4) Specialists of certification centre study obtained evidence of conformity, reveal how products meet regulatory requirements.

Certificate of compliance issued after verification successfully completed and will be revealed that the products can be admitted to the market of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Validity of the document is no more than 3 years, if the production verified. If tested the batch or production unit, the certificate is issued with an “open” date. It will cease to operate when the product will expire (or will be sold, used as intended).

Certification centre “Rostest Latvia” has the right to certify products of Latvian manufacturers and suppliers, issue and record compliance documents.

We guarantee the issue of permits in accordance with legal requirements of the importing country in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.