Procedure of products certification involves checking its quality and compliance with the requirements laid down by the regulations. Certification is carried out during the startup phase of production – as providing the safe release of products for customers. Latvian exporters in cooperation with Russia and other countries of the Customs Union are certified before shipment of the goods. The products are verified of compliance with GOST state standards or technical regulations of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union.

Certification might be mandatory if law of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union permits it, or voluntary that is one that held at the request of the manufacturer. Certificate of conformity issued mandatory, can be called permissive document, because without it products will not be able to pass through customs. Voluntary certificate it is a document that is required to create a trusting relationship between exporter and consumer. Products that pass the test are not suspicious for customers and regulatory bodies.

Who has the right to certify products

Procedure of products certification stated in the Federal Law № 184 “On technical regulation”: making confirming compliance can certification bodies and testing laboratories. Compulsory condition is that accreditation body and get the permission to conduct certification activities in a certain area must certify them.

Only accredited certification centres such as “Rostest Latvia” can establish the degree of conformity of the product, issue certificates of conformity and most importantly register them. Without the registration of document of compliance (entering it into a Russian nationwide database) certification process cannot be considered complete.

Order of procedure of products certification

Start checking compliance the certification centre can only after the relevant application from the manufacturer or supplier. The document must include the type of activity, products name and manufacturer basic props. If specialists of certification centre will not see obstacles for certification, they will notify the company and begin the procedure of certification of products:

1. Samples of products selected and submitted to the laboratory – based of selection is made the Act.

2. Conducted tests of samples – results are recorded in test reports.

3. The applicant provides for the consideration of experts of certification centre the copies of its statutory, registration, regulations, technical design and operational documentation.

4. Specialists of certification centre examined documents received from the applicant and documents received from the testing laboratory, and make a conclusion of compliance of the submitted samples with the standards. After examination, they will notify the company about the possibility/impossibility of obtaining a certificate of conformity.

5. In the case when positive decision is made, a certificate of conformity registered and issued to the applicant.

Procedure of certification of the products in cases provided by law, might also involve the analysis of production, quality management system certification, the organization of surveillance.

Certification Center “Rostest Latvia” is a company with accumulated experience and qualified specialists, accredited in the prescribed manner. We have the right to carry out certification works and to issue and register the certificates of conformity.

We guarantee optimal terms and the real price of certification works. You can apply for certification in the most convenient way for you: in one of our Latvian or Russian offices, online on our website or by email.