Declaration of Conformity is one of the permits for the Russian Federation and the Customs Union, which confirms the safety of export products.

Declaration issued after a special procedure – declaring. According to the Article № 24 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On technical regulation” only residents of Russia may take a declaration, that’s why the Latvian manufacturers issue declaration by their officially registered in Russia representatives.

How does the declaration draw up in Russia and the Customs Union

Permission to issue a declaration of conformity the applicant receives after:

• submitting an application. It specifies the name of the manufacturer and the product;

• submitting their own evidence of compliance;

• checking submitted documents by specialists of certification centre;

• issuing a decision about the registration of the declaration.

Declaration issued at the enterprise, and then transmitted to the certification centre for the registration.

The GOST R Declaration, the declaration of technical regulations of the Customs Union or the declaration of technical regulations of the Russian Federation – are documents that are similar in purpose. They are issued after checking the products for compliance to various standards: state standards, technical regulations of Russia or technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Evidence of conformity

To issue the GOST R declaration (TR of RF, TR of CU), the manufacturer or the implementer of products collects and submits the documents to the certification centre:

• registration documents – such that can confirm the registration of the applicant as a business (production or commercial) activity;

• technical documents – the documents that describe the product, the processes associated with its production, preparation for the sale, storage, etc.;

• instructions on proper, safe usage of the product;

• product samples testing protocols. While declaring testing is allowed at the laboratories of manufacturer. As evidence of compliance can also be provided the protocols of laboratories of intermediary organizations that have permission to carry out such works.

Basic details of the declaration

Declaration of Conformity is issued on a plain piece of paper, there is no special form for it. Applicant, after obtaining permission for documents, creates it in a certain form. The declaration must contain:

• the name of the representative of the application for the declaration, specify its location;

• the name of the manufacturer, specify its location;

• identification characteristics of the products, which are exported to the Russian Federation or the Customs Union;

• information about the scheme of the declaration;

• information about products testing (details of test reports and other documents showing the conformity with legal requirements of the importing country);

• validity of the declaration. The GOST R Declaration, the declaration of technical regulations of the Customs Union or the declaration of technical regulations of the Russian Federation acts no more than 5 years. If only one shipment will be passing the customs, the perpetual declaration is issued, which will act while the declared goods will not sell.

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