Since ancient times, Ligo (summer solstice), also known as Jani Day, has been celebrated in Latvia. On this holiday, Jānis, the god of fertility, is honoured. The traditional celebrations are held on the night from the 23rd to the 24th of June. Unfortunately, the traditions and unique character of this celebration have been virtually forgotten. Yet it is worth remembering that Ligo represents a certain philosophy, a particular system of sacred rituals.

In ancient times in Latvia, it was believed that all plants on Midsummer day acquire special magical healing properties and they can cure every disease, or simply improve one’s health. Every year on Ligo Latvians gather to collect various herbs. On this day, it is common to wreath and wear crowns of oak leaves and then use them to decorate houses and animals.

In the evening, people get out to the countryside, burn fires and sing songs typical of this celebration. Special treats and drinks are prepared – for example, cheese with caraway seeds.

Ligo is an ancient Latvian holiday. On Ligo, the name days of Liga and Janis are also celebrated.

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