Imports of products to Russia from Latvia develop mainly in the following areas:

  •  electrical machinery and equipment;
  •  chemicals;
  •  foodstuffs.

The Russian market is interesting for Latvian manufacturers, especially because of potentially large capacity of sales. Russia is a member of the Customs Union, which means that the export products could be sold on equal terms in the republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan after inspection.

Since we are talking about foreign economic activity, much attention is paid to issue of permitting documents. Any enterprise, which is working in the legal field and performing traders, faced with the need of customs clearance of products before its release. This is due to the necessity of taxation trading and requirements, which are advanced by importers to the products that supply to their markets.

Procedures accompanying the export

Imports of products to Russia and the Customs Union are possible after passing a number of Latvian producers:

  • customs clearance;
  • customs clearance guarantees;
  • payment of fees;
  • opening of CARNET TIR;
  • entering data about the sender, receiver and loads into a single European customs system;
  • certification of invoices in the Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Documents that are issued in the process of export from Latvia:

  • certificates/declarations of Conformity of GOST R, the technical regulations of the Customs Union – confirm the safety of export products for the consumers of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union;
  • certificates of the origin of products – indicate the country in which the products was manufactured. Document in some cases can reduce the tax rate, but in general it is necessary to inform the supervisory authorities and consumers about the origin of the goods;
  • opinions on products of strategic importance – witness the appointment, the safety of such products;
  • phytosanitary certificates – it is issued for products of plant origin;
  • certificate of state registration – issued for the cosmetic, food, children’s and other products. Documents that are certifying the health safety of products;
  • certificate of fire safety;
  • exemption letters – these documents officially confirm that the products are not subject to verification of compliance and that the Latvian manufacturers do not need to provide a certificate/declaration of conformity;
  • permission for usage, BKTS – issued for vehicles.

These permits should be submitted to the supervising customs authorities together with the customs declarations, invoices and other documents accompanying the export shipment.

Certification centre “Rostest Latvia” certifies the products, provides consulting services to Latvian exporters and helps to issue the necessary export permits.

Import of products to Russia and the Customs Union in most cases is possible only after the manufacturer (or supplier) passing following procedures:

  • selection and submission of products samples to an accredited laboratory;
  • testing and research of samples;
  • examination of the documentary evidence of conformity of products and legality of production (commercial) activities;
  • analysis of the production.

All these activities (in complex or some of them) are proceeded before the issue of certificates/declarations of conformity and other permits.

You can consult on general issues relating to the import of products to Russia by phone. Apply for issue licensing documents via email, phone or online application form on our website.