ISO it is a system of international standards designed to establish united requirements for products safety.

ISO certification is held in Russia on a voluntary basis. And this is its main difference from the GOST R certification or certification of TR CU. The procedures have the same principles – reveals the degree of compliance of practice with the requirements of international standard.

Benefits of certification are obvious: companies operating according to ISO standards, save material and energy resources, reduce waste production, improve the quality of products. All this leads to lower spending and improve the safety of the goods. ISO standards differ with comprehensive approach to manufacturing and high quality requirements, so the goods labeled ISO sell better than those that were checked for compliance with national standards.

Systems of ISO standards

In Latvia and Russia you can issue ISO certification in several international standards systems:

  • ISO 9000 – dedicated to quality management;
  • ISO 14000 – environmental management standards;
  • ISO 22000 – requirements for the management of food safety;
  • ISO 26000 – standards dedicated to social responsibility;
  • ISO 31000 – risk management;
  • ISO 27001 – information security.

Order of certification procedure

Regardless to the system of standards, verification of compliance with international standards of production is carried out by the same scheme:

1. Representative of the company deals with the application to the department of Rosstandart or other government departments, supervising the activities falling within the scope of standards. Provide the certification can also the certification centers which accredited to conduct certification works.

2. Accredited experts go to the enterprise, learn about the order of production, internal quality control system and study regulatory, technical, statutory and registration documents.

3. After analyzing the state of the enterprise, verify compliance with internal regulations of international standards, issued the ISO certification.

After issuance the ISO certification entrepreneur is entitled to use the special character label. Also regular monitoring conducted enterprise for the application of standards. Validity of the certificate is three years. If during this time violation would be found in, a document would be withdrawn.

The certificate ISO allows the company to increase its exports. Foreign partners are more willing to enter into a contract, if they see that the company is working on international standards.

You can issue the ISO certification or get an advice on exports at “Rostest Latvia”. Our specialists have the appropriate accreditation and experience in carrying out certification works on the certification system of ISO standards.

In order to expedite the receipt of the certificate, you can fill in an order form or by email. Departments of certification center “Rostest Latvia” is in Russia and Latvia.