A regulatory body responsible for supervising production of pieces of furniture is determined in Russia

Last week a government resolution No 812 dd August 15, 2014 that appoints the responsible for supervising fulfillment of requirements of “furniture” technical regulation 025/2012 was published in Russia. According to GR No 812 activity of Russian furniture manufacturers and foreign furniture businesses representatives will be checked by Rospotrebnadzor, a federal service in charge of […]

Transition period for Euro-5 is prolonged

The main technical regulation that controls environmental safety of vehicles’ emissions in the RF On requirements for emissions of harmful (polluted) substances by transportation equipment… was subjected to changes. The respective government resolution No 730 was approved on July 30, 2014 and came into effect. The TR changes were initiated by Minpromtorg, their essence is […]

Three new technical regulations appeared in the Customs Union

On August 02, 2014 three new technical regulations came into effect in the Customs Union, namely 001/2011, 002/2011, 003/2011 according to Resolution No 710 dd July 15, 2011 by Customs Union Commission. About all of them in order. TR On safety of railroad rolling stock (001/2011) covers rolling stock and its components. Both new stock […]

GOST R certificates for boilers and small watercraft cease to be in effect in summer 2015

Last week substantial amendments were made to government resolution No 982 that approves lists of goods subject to GOST R certification. These are connected with introduction of 2 Customs Union technical regulations – On safety of small vessels and On safety of equipment working under exceeding pressure. According to the amendments to the GR No […]

The Customs Union changes the rules for grain analysis

Last week EEC board has accepted Resolution No 124 that introduces changes to the list of GOST standards that are used in assessing compliance of grain. Initially the document was accepted to ensure fulfilment of terms of technical regulation 015/2011 “On grain safety”. The new version of the List will come into effect on August […]

Technical regulation for building materials is to be approved by the end of the year

EEC board announced the completion of development of technical regulation “On safety of buildings and constructions, building materials and articles”. It is planned that preparation of the document for approval will be completed by the end of 2014. The rest of the time will be devoted to discussion of the main propositions of technical regulation […]

Two new technical regulations have come into effect this month

The list of Customs Union technical regulations was enlarged by two new guiding documents. Technical regulation 025/2012 will regulate circulation of furniture products and technical regulation 028/2012 – that of explosive agents. Application scope of the requirements for TR “On safety of furniture products” includes cabinet and upholstered furniture for public and everyday use. They […]

Changes are made into the HS code book to the section dedicated to fuel

According to the EEC board decision No 88, accepted on the 16th meeting, a bill for partial changes in customs tariff accepted in the Customs Union was approved. The following types of fuel will be imported under new HS codes: petrol; diesel fuel; fuel for vessels. Instead of HS code for petrol with octane number, […]