Ministry of Health Registration Certificate

A document confirming the quality and safety of medical devices and equipment is issued after their successful registration – the Ministry of Health registration certificate. This procedure is performed in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health to monitor the sphere of social development and supervise the registration of medical devices (Order № […]

CE certificate

CE certification is carried out to regulatory authorities could make sure that the products meet the requirements of European directives and standards. More than 20 kinds of products are the subject to mandatory CE certification. This are explosion proof equipment, personal protective equipment, lifts, building materials, appliances for medical purposes, baby products and other products […]

State Registration certificate

State registration is the naming of one of the methods of quality control, safety of products, which are available on the market of Russia and the Customs Union. The certificate of state registration is issued for products, which are considered as potentially dangerous for consumers and the environment. In addition, a mandatory document is issued […]

Rostechnadzor permit

Rostechnadzor understands permit since January 01, 2014 an expert review on industrial safety. It contains experts’ conclusions on compliance of hazardous facilities (hereinafter – HF) to industrial safety requirements upon carrying out check. Till January 01, 2014 the economic agents concerned issued permit for usage. The new version of law No 116 “On industrial safety […]

Expert opinion

Expert opinion it is a document proving the sanitary safety of goods. It began issuing since 2010 instead of the so-called hygiene certificates – sanitary and epidemiological conclusion. The products, which you want to issue the opinion, are listing according to the Decision of the Customs Union Commission on 28.05.10, № 299. There are two […]

Refusal letter for trade

Products of manufacturers from Latvia, which, according to GOST state standards or technical regulations shall be subject to certification/declaration of conformity, may be sold on the domestic market of Russian Federation and the Customs Union only on presentation of the relevant document. If there is no indication of regulatory documents to conduct the inspection, the […]

RTN letter of exemption

Rostehnadzor – federal service of the Russian Federation, conduct environmental, technological and nuclear control of coming into circulation of the country equipment. In connection with the development and adoption of technical regulations of the Russian Federation, which have established higher requirements for industrial safety, there is a need to issue the permission to use the […]

Phytosanitary certificate

Phytosanitary certificate is evidence that the exported products of plant origin has passed quarantine and conform to sanitary requirements. Exporters of plant products from Latvia to Russia and other countries of the Customs Union should be aware that if it is included in the list of regulated products, it is obliged to issue a certificate. […]

VNIIS Letter of Exemption

VNIIS Letter of Exemption – official document, which issued by Russian Research Institute of Certification. The second informal name of the document – an exemption letter for customs. If we compare the exemption letters with certificates and declarations, which are also submitted at customs when exporting the products, the letters are intended to formally notify regulatory […]

FSB notification

FSB notification is the so-called official notification of the exporter that the technical devices or equipment that it supplies, equipped with cryptographic means. Exporters, which are cooperating with Russia and other countries of the Customs Union, are required to issue a document, because of the requirements set out in the Decision of the Commission of […]