Products of manufacturers from Latvia, which, according to GOST state standards or technical regulations shall be subject to certification/declaration of conformity, may be sold on the domestic market of Russian Federation and the Customs Union only on presentation of the relevant document. If there is no indication of regulatory documents to conduct the inspection, the certificate and the declaration arrange optional. In this case, the bodies supervising the marketing of safe products may require a document confirming that they do not need to draw on the product certificate/declaration of conformity.

Refusal letter is the name of the document, which is desirable if products are not certified. Refusal letter is required when exporters are entering Russian market or market of Customs Union.

In what order refusal letters are issued

Accredited certification centres issue refusal letters. These organizations have the right to inspect the documents of applicants for certification, analyze their production, express an opinion on the degree of conformity of products and issue refusal letters.

Issue the refusal letter for trading after application from the manufacturer or supplier the following documents:

• application, which indicate the name of the company, type of business, name of the product;

• informational letter with details of the manufacturer/supplier of products, enumeration of the administrative board of the enterprise;

• informational letter, in which there is a detailed explanation of the product. These data are submitted in cases where production is difficult to identify by one item.

Form and validity of refusal letters

Refusal letter for trading is issued on the letterhead of the certification centre that certified it with seal. There is no special state form for the letter, a sheet of A4 is enough.

Refusal letter is valid indefinitely. It is considered valid as long as the Government of the Russian Federation or the Commission of the Customs Union will not make changes in the list of products subject to verification of compliance.

You can issue refusal letter at the certification centre “Rostest Latvia” at any time. It is provided within one or two days.

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