Rostehnadzor – federal service of the Russian Federation, conduct environmental, technological and nuclear control of coming into circulation of the country equipment. In connection with the development and adoption of technical regulations of the Russian Federation, which have established higher requirements for industrial safety, there is a need to issue the permission to use the equipment. Not all types of equipment require obtaining the permission, so for the export of technical devices an exemption letter could be required.

RTN letter of exemption it is the official notification of federal service, confirming that there is no necessity to obtain the permission to use the equipment and to issue the certificate.

In most cases, exemption letters are requested in contentious situations when it is difficult to uniquely identify equipment. A document gives you the opportunity to freely utilize the technical devices on the territory of the Russian Federation without approvals.

How to obtain the RTN letter of exemption

Exemption letters are received in the territorial offices or in the central organ of RTN. In order not to waste time on appeal to the state authorities on the territory of Russia, we offer you to apply for letter registration in Latvia.

Certification centre “Rostest Latvia” is accredited by RTN and has the right to issue permits for usage, expert advice on equipment, certificates of conformity and exemption letters.

To obtain a RTN letter of exemption, you must provide:

  • application with the names of enterprise and machinery;
  • certificate of equipment / technical device;
  • instructions for usage of the device;
  • technical description of the equipment;
  • certificate of conformity of the equipment. If you do not have this document, it should be formalized in our certification centre. Inspection is conducted in the manner prescribed by technical regulation “On the safety of machinery and equipment.”

Industrial machinery and equipment, including ones which are intended for utilizing in hazardous environments, must undergo an examination of industrial safety. It is also conducted by specialists of certification centre “Rostest Latvia.”

You can get an extended consultation on export of various types of equipment at the first call to “Rostest Latvia.”

Issue the RTN letter of exemption takes about 30 days, so if you are ready to export, it is better to apply in advance. Applications for exemption letters are accepted online, by e-mail or at one of our offices, in Russia and Latvia.

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