Technical regulations of the CU 004/2011 and 010/2011 for the safety of low voltage and industrial equipment and machinery have been in use within the CU since 15th February, 2013. Since then a period has been defined for entrepreneurs during which they could use old certificates/declarations for technical equipment. From now on, new certificates will be required for the implementation and fabrication of technical equipment, devices and machinery, as stipulated by these regulations. Previously obtained GOST R certificates will become invalid on 15th March, when the transition period ends.

Obtaining certificates

The execution of certificates in accordance with the CU TR on the Safety of Low Voltage Equipment and the CU TR on the Safety of Machinery and Equipment (official abbreviations in Russia – TRTS NVO and BMiO) can be a rather complicated process. Entrepreneurs must be consistent when following the required steps. This particularly includes assessing the quality of equipment via laboratory testing, analysing documentation, evaluating the safety of fabrication processes – all this is part of testing according to the new regulations. To simplify the process, it is recommended to contact certified centers.

The validity period of CU TR certificates/declarations 004/2011 and 010/2011 may be limited to 5 years when obtaining documents for continuous production and release. In case of obtaining a batch certificate, its validity period is limited to the lifetime of the equipment. These certificates may be used all over the CU.