Technical conditions are a set of documents that contain the main technical information about their products. In the technical conditions described processes, requirements for composition, production safety, they are part of the design documentation, often include tables, charts and drawings.

The technical conditions are developed in such cases:

  • planned the first release of material, article, products, equipment, technical devices, etc.;
  • for certain products there are no GOST, technical regulation or other document containing mandatory requirements for its appearance, composition, quality, safety;
  • manufacturer of the products initiates the development of technical conditions on request of the consumer.

In Russia, the Customs Union the order of development is regulated by GOST 2.114-95, which is part of a series of standards dealing with the rules of design of the engineering documentation. Latvian exporters working with Russia and the CU developed technical conditions for products intended for these countries according to the specified GOST state standard.

According to GOST technical conditions can be developed only for one object of technical regulation: the article, equipment, product, etc.

Organizations that have the right to develop technical conditions

Technical conditions can be developed directly by the company, if there is a state employee with the appropriate qualifications, having the skills to develop such regulations.

If the company does not have the highly qualified personnel, development of technical conditions can be ordered in a research institute or certification centre – such as “Rostest Latvia”. We employ competent experts, and we can guarantee the shortest development time of the technical conditions – our main advantage over other research institutions and government agencies.

Described in the technical conditions requirements, rules of production activities cannot go against the current in the RF CU legislative documents. In addition, this is another reason to refer to specialists, constantly keeping an eye on changes in Russian legislation.

Documents required for development of the technical conditions

In drawing up the technical conditions, developers taken into account the information contained in such documents:

  • incorporation and registration;
  • data sheets;
  • documents in which there is a description of raw materials, production, manufacturing and other processes associated with the release of it in circulation;
  • drawings;
  • documents in which there is a description of packaging products and documentary attachments – instructions, inserts, warranty lists, etc.;
  • warranty of the manufacturer to the final consumer of theirs product.

After the technical conditions will be developed and approved by the head of the company, they must be recorded in Rosstandart (or organization that has a right to make information about the technical conditions in the appropriate registers).

Specialists of “Rostest Latvia” have the right to develop technical conditions and register them. Turning to us, you save your time, get the opportunity to faster the run of your production, and start shipping products.

To develop technical conditions, contact one of the offices “Rostest Latvia”, working in Russia and Latvia. You can find telephone numbers and other contacts for communication in the relevant sections of our website.