As of January 1st 2015, a new normative document (CU TR 018/2011) will enter into force.  The EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) is preparing the conditions for the optimized operation of this regulation. In particular, the Board of the EEC has adopted the EEC regulation No 232 of 09/12/2014 stipulating the forms of strict accountability used for processing the CU TR permits for wheel vehicles. Several types of forms have been established:

  • a form for drawing up the Transport Vehicle Type Approval,
  • a form for drawing up the chassis type approval,
  • a form for the notification obtained in case the CU TR permit is cancelled,
  • a form for the CU Industrial Safety Certificate,
  • forms for appendices to the CU TR,
  • and others.

On the enforcement of the EEC regulation No 232

The forms of strict accountability shall be hereafter regulated by the requirements of the CU TR; as for the EEC regulation No 232, it will come into force as of January 15th, the effective date of introduction of the technical regulation.

The aforementioned document will also regulate the requirements for the way the the forms should be produced and filled. Only the correctly executed documents can be used in the CU.

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