The public discussion of the draft of the Technical Regulation of the CU has ended. The TR will monitor the safety of packaged drinking water and, in particular, mineral water. On March 20th 2015 the draft of the document was sent for discussion to the government. It will result in setting the date to officially start applying the document.

The Technical Regulation of the CU on drinking water sets rather strict requirements for packaged water. According to the standards stipulated in the document, virtually all forms of water will be subject to mandatory declaration after the TR CU enters into force. An exception will be constituted by drinking products that will be subject to state registration according to the regulation requirement. In particular:

  • Packaged drinking water which is intended for use by children (baby food);
  • Packaged medicinal and table water;
  • Packaged natural mineral and medicinal water.

For more information on water quality assessment

It should be pointed out that the standards for packaging of drinking water, as well as for its labelling must correspond to the standards of other Technical Regulations, namely – TR CU that regulate food products in terms of their labelling and packaging.

According to the new Technical Regulation of the CU, there are several steps to obtaining the declaration. The water will pass a practical test in the laboratory and the documentation (technical documentation for the product, supply contracts, information about the product manufacturers, etc.) will be analyzed in accredited certification bodies.

The document itself (the declaration for water as well as the certificate of state registration) can be applied throughout the territory of the Customs Union. The term of use will depend on the evaluation scheme of water safety selected by the client, but will not exceed five years. These demands do not only concern the new Technical Regulation of the CU, but most regulations of the Customs Union.