As of August 18th of the current year, the Board of the Eurasian Union has made a decision to simplify transport of vehicles for personal use into the territory of all member countries of the EEUС. The decision went into effect as of September 19th.

Previously the transport of vehicles had seen a temporary restriction concerning vehicles on the territory of the EEU and the original time period in which the vehicle had to leave after entering was 3 months. Failure to observe this condition had resulted in fines (sometimes the size of these fines could reach up to the cost of a medium class automobile) along with administrative punishment for the offender.

With the new Decision’s enactment, the transport of vehicles has now been simplified – there is currently no longer a necessity to consult the customs authority in order to extend the original time period in which the vehicle is permitted to remain in the EEU. The time periods themselves are now established individually for each specific case. The maximum time period for citizens of the member states of the EEU is now 6 months and for other countries is one year. Also, even in the case that the time period should run out (not in excess of the maximum time period), the automobile may be taken out without a requirement to pay fines. Furthermore, this also applies to vehicles that have already left the borders, for which the individual will now not be requirement to pay a fine.