VNIIS is Russian Research Institute for Certification.  Main work objective of the largest Research Institute in the RF is to carry out research and methodical activities, provide consultation services in examining conformity, carrying out accreditation, control over quality and standardization.

VNIIS was founded in 1965. All this time its staff has been developing scientific guidelines that assist in carrying out quality check of goods or services, create and certifies quality management systems.

It was Research Institute for Certification which made contribution to development of important federal laws: “On certification of products, services”, “On consumer protection”, “On technical regulation”. Institute’s experts took part in creating GOST R certifying system, in actualizing international standards. Besides, they are engaged in:

  • making rational proposals relative to current legislative acts for checking conformity;
  • developing general rules for certification of products, services, QMS in the RF;
  • developing requirements in GOST RF system
  • making proposals for changing List of goods subjected to mandatory certification in national system of standards;
  • developing working rules for certifying bodies;
  • developing verification methods;
  • certifying goods and services in GOST RF and CU technical regulations systems;
  • issuing exempting letters for products;
  • accrediting certification agencies and other activities related to certification of different goods, services.