Russian certification centre “Rostest Latvia” provides certification for Latvian manufacturers and suppliers who produce goods for circulation on the territory of Russia and other countries of the Customs Union.

Certification Centre “Rostest Latvia”, accredited by Rosstandart of Russia, has been entered in the register of the Customs Union. For the convenience of applicants our branches are located in Russia and Latvia.

Our Centre professionals constantly raise their level of qualification in the process of certification, timely respond to changes in legislation in Latvia, Russia and the Customs Union. Collaborating with us, you can expect professional assistance in matters related to the verification of conformity of export products and paperwork for its exports.

What you get by contacting the “Rostest Latvia”

Russian certification centre “Rostest Latvia” operates legally and has established relations with regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation and other countries of the Customs Union. This enables us to minimize the time of registration the certificates and declarations and save your time.

Certification Centre “Rostest Latvia” is:

1. Huge area of accreditation. The list of products that we have the right to check is very wide, so you have the opportunity to receive the documents for exporting various kinds of goods at one place.

2. The staff consists of experienced professionals. Positive result of certification often depends on the qualification of the inspector. We guarantee a professional approach to the verification of your products.

3. Competitive for conducting certification work.

The laboratory that operates at the certification centre “Rostest Latvia” has a permission to conduct product testing before releasing it to the market of Russia and the Customs Union. This is another reason to contact our certification centre. Placing an order in “Rostest Latvia” you will receive full service, eliminate the need to create your own laboratory or search for it on the territory of Latvia, the importing country.

Starting cooperation with “Rostest Latvia” you receive professional service: quick, efficient, that saves your time and money. Our dedicated  experts on the Russian market will be able to advise you on the certification you require and offer you a custom made service to guide you through the certification process.attestat-Optimatest

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