Customs Union Declaration

Before exporting products to the Customs Union countries a businessperson is obliged to obtain (issue) certain documents certifying compliance of the products features with the requirements established in the CU. The system of technical regulations requiring issuance of CU certificates or declarations operates within the CU countries. The Customs Union declaration is an important document […]

Certificate of origin

Russian enterprises that plan to export to the European Union are obliged to provide a series of documents accompanying the sale of goods. Among these documents there are some that should be presented to the customs. For instance, a certificate of origin.  The Russian Federation has developed several forms of certificate: CT-1 and the general form. These forms have the same purpose […]

Voluntary certification

Not all types of the products in preparation for the export procedure should be a subject to a mandatory certification. To find out if your product is a subject to verification of compliance it is sufficient to consult with experts of certification centre “Rostest Latvia”. Voluntary certification is carried out instead of mandatory, and after the conference […]

Certificate of conformity with the technical regulations

While preparing the products for export to the countries of the Customs Union it should be checked for the compliance with regulatory requirements of the community. In particular, it is about technical regulations of the Customs Union. Documents are advancing demands for production and other processes prior release the products into circulation.Verification of the products […]

Certificate of fire safety

Fire safety certification of export products is conducted to confirm that it is in a state of being able to prevent the occurrence of fire and prevent the effect on people and their property. Certificate of fire safety is issued after the certification. According to the technical regulations of the Russian Federation “On Fire Safety”, […]

Declaration of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union

Declaration of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union is a document, which is verifying the conformity of the products to the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Regulations – these are the standards, which are governing the production and circulation of products in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Requirements regulations are […]

Declaration of fire safety

Declaration of fire safety is a document confirming the compliance of the product with technical regulation of the Russian Federation “On the fire safety requirements”. Declaration is issued after verification of compliance in the form of declaring. Latvian exporters are required to undergo fire safety check procedure, if they plan to launch such products: various substances […]

GOST R certification

GOST R it is a set of standards for internal government of the Russian Federation. GOST R certification it is a procedure designed to test products, equipment, properties in accordance with GOST. Certification is carried out in order to the products, which are sold on the domestic market, were safe for the consumer, the environment, […]