While preparing the products for export to the countries of the Customs Union it should be checked for the compliance with regulatory requirements of the community. In particular, it is about technical regulations of the Customs Union. Documents are advancing demands for production and other processes prior release the products into circulation.Verification of the products compliance with regulations called certification or declaration. The mandatory order and the order of these procedures are referred in each technical regulation. 

Certificate of conformity with the technical regulations it is a document, which is issued after the verification of conformity conducted in the form of certification. There is a special form for it. The certificate must include the name of the manufacturer and its products, the name of the technical regulations and the name of certification authority that issued the permit. 

The procedure for issuing and registration of the certificate 

To obtain a certificate, you must apply to the certification centre and undergo a series of procedures: 

  • apply for certification and wait for its approval;
  • collect and submit the documents that are the evidence of conformity of the products;
  • provide to the experts of certification centre the opportunity to choose the sample;
  • provide an opportunity for the experts of certification centre to analyze production, working at the enterprise QMS. 

After the examination of samples are conducted tests of products, equipment, or other item of technical regulation. Results of the expertise of the products are important in making the decision by specialists of the certification authority on the conformity of production. 

Certificate of conformity with the technical regulations is issued after all evidences proving compliance submitted by the applicant and received by the experts of the certification centre will be examined. 

Certificate is considered valid only after registration. The procedure involves entering matching the basic information about the company and details of the certificate in a single register of documents. Only accredited certification centres can enter changes into the registry. 

Evidence base 

To obtain a certificate of conformity with the technical regulations must be submitted: 

  • a certificate of registration of the applicant as a business entity;
  • technical documentation, which is a description of the production processes, raw materials and equipment;
  • regulatory documentation according to the requirements of which the products are produced;
  • documents regulating the export supplies;
  • certificates of quality of raw materials, of the production lines and of packaging materials. 

You can request a certificate of conformity with the technical regulations and pass the certification in the certification centre “Rostest Latvia”. We offer: 

  • professional consultations;
  • consideration on the application as soon as possible and passage of certification activities;
  • issuing certificates of conformity legally. 

To apply for certification, use a special online form which is on our website, or via email. We can also consult you by the telephone or you can visit our office – you will find the address on the website.