Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology) has released two new national standards recently. They are GOST 7177-2015 and GOST 7178-2015. These standards specify requirements and regulations for melons and water melons. Both standards have been developed for voluntary application.

GOST 7177-2015 (UNECE STANDARD FFV – 37:2012) «Water-melons food, fresh. Specifications» has been developed for fresh water-melons entering national consumer market. It was developed on the basis of UNECE standard FFV-37:2012. The standard will come into effect instead of GOST 7177-80.

The same as for water melons a new standard was developed for fresh melons – GOST 7178-2015 (UNECE STANDARD FFV – 23:2012) «Musk-melons, fresh. Specifications». UNECE standard FFV-23:201was used as the basis. It will come into effect instead of GOST 7178-85.

Both drafts of new standards have been prepared by “Kubanagrostandart” centre. These GOSTs are supposed to contribute to improvement of sale products quality and decrease content of harmful substances: toxic elements, radionuclides, pesticides etc.