National standard for melons and water melons

Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology) has released two new national standards recently. They are GOST 7177-2015 and GOST 7178-2015. These standards specify requirements and regulations for melons and water melons. Both standards have been developed for voluntary application. GOST 7177-2015 (UNECE STANDARD FFV – 37:2012) «Water-melons food, fresh. Specifications» has been developed […]

Turkish goods will be banned from import into Russia

The Edict of the President of Russian Federation №583 of 28.11.2015 “On measures to provide national security of Russian Federation against criminal and other unlawful acts and on initiation of specific economic measures towards the Republic of Turkey” contains the list of products which are going to be banned from import from Turkey into Russia […]

Rosstandart developed GOST standards for cookware and textile machinery

Aleksei Abramov, head of Federal agency on technical regulation and metrology, approved two national standards to come into force next year. Starting from 2016 producers and suppliers of aluminum cookware with non-stick coating and textile machinery may achieve voluntary certification of their products. First GOST R “Casting of aluminum alloys and solid stamping of sheet […]

Draft agreement for alcohol market control was approved

Draft agreement for alcohol market control within Eurasian economic union (EEU) was approved during regular session of Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission on November 10. Document is aimed at abrogation of present barriers in mutual trade of alcohol products and at formation of legal platform for alcohol market regulation within the Customs Union. Approved […]

New chocolate quality specifications being negotiated

Prospective amendments of CU TR “On food safety” are being publicly negotiated currently. The project was designed in Belarus. Negotiations have been initiated end of month current year and shall last for 60 calendar days. “Belgospischeprom” group designed this project, which is currently passing the stage of public negotiation in countries of EEU. Negotiated amendments […]

Mass of oil and oil products will be measured according to national standard in RF

Federal technical regulation and metrology agency will put into effect new national standard GOST R “National uniform measurement assurance system. Oil and oil products mass. Measuring techniques (methods)” on June 1, 2016. Certification according to new GOST R standard will be voluntary. New standard will be used by companies who receive or deliver oil and […]

New Russian National Standard goes into effect as of September 13, 2016

Starting in September of the following year, a new voluntary standard will be in effect in our country. Russian National Standard specialists have adopted a new Russian National Standard that applies to medical equipment.  The official name of the Russian National Standard is “Monitoring the Technical Condition and Operation of Medical Equipment: Fundamental Provisions”. Subject […]

Technical Regulation “On the Safety of Kids Play Areas” Will Soon Go into Effect

Public discussion on the new technical regulation that was recently concluded have underlined the necessity of making certain amendments to the existing technical regulations project. Starting on October 12, all member states of the Eurasian Economic Union have been discussing the adoption of this technical regulation to be voted on by the state. In the […]

The gates for sporting games must be certified

In light of the signing of resolution No. 309 as of April 2, 2015, certain sports inventory must be accompanied by an obligatory Russian National Standard certificate. The former list of goods subject to such certification has now been expanded to include sections 9614 and 1915 in the Russian Classification of Production. The resolution will […]

Addendum to the full list of productions subject to obligatory certification

According to government resolution of the Russian Federation No. 930 signed September 3, 2015, the decision has been made to include additional goods into the list of goods subject to obligatory certification RCP code 2523. This section of the RCP entails various types of cement: cinder, aluminous, portland, supersulphated, hydraulic, etc. The resolution should go […]