The transition period for CU TR “On the Safety of Low Voltage Equipment” and “On the Safety of Machinery and Equipment” ends 15th March

Technical regulations of the CU 004/2011 and 010/2011 for the safety of low voltage and industrial equipment and machinery have been in use within the CU since 15th February, 2013. Since then a period has been defined for entrepreneurs during which they could use old certificates/declarations for technical equipment. From now on, new certificates will […]

Amendments to the Law “On Consumer Rights Protection”

Two new laws with amendments to the requirements of the Federal Law have been submitted to the State Duma for their inclusion into the bill on consumer rights protection. The changes will affect standards for the sizes of labels on food packaging with information about expiration date. Bill №1 The first bill includes requirements stating […]

Modification of the commodity nomenclature for dates

On 20th January, 2015 the Eurasian Commission adopted Decision №1, stipulating the necessity to amend the FEACN nomenclature of the EEU as well as the CU single customs tariff. More specifically, the changes suggested by the EEU will affect such product category as dates. The Decision №1 stipulates the following: Dates, fresh and dried, will […]

State Standards for the application of the Technical Regulation “On the Safety of Buildings and Structures” have been approved

New standards have been established following the Executive Order №1521 of December 26th 2014. They will be applied to the Technical Regulation used by entrepreneurs that establishes safety rules for the construction of facilities, buildings and other structures.  According to the new requirements, 2 GOST standards and 74 rule bases for this normative document will […]

The HACCP certification must be carried out by mid-February 2015

Conformity assessment of food within the CU includes both declaring the product after it was produced and assessing the safety of the manufacturing processes.  In this regard, according to the standards of the CU Technical Regulation “on Food Safety”, an ISO 22000 HACCP system should be implemented in the company. The system helps to engage […]

An agreement for Armenia to enter the CU has been ratified in Kazakhstan

For the last month Armenia has been actively preparing to join the CU. The agreement was signed by the CU members on May 29th 2014. It has already been ratified by two CU member states: Kazakhstan and Russia. A positive response is expected from Belarus: if the country ratifies the document in time, starting 2015 […]