The CU Technical Regulation 008/2011 has been modified in accordance with the requirements of the Decision №7 adopted on 3rd February by the EEC on the changes that must without fail come into force on 4th March, 2015. The Decision №7 established the necessity to correct and modify the list of goods which are subject to rigorous quality assessment according to the CU TR on toys.

More on the amendments made by the EEC

The amendments made by the EEC will affect only the list of products which require not only a customs declaration at the border, but also a certificate for toys. More specifically, several points have been added to section №18 of the list: mandatory assessment in accordance with the CU TR 008/2011 is now required for paints, gouache and similar hand-applied goods. As of 4th March, the date the amendments made by the EEC will enter into effect, all hand-applied paints must be certified in accordance with the aforementioned Technical Regulation on toys.

This, however, only concerns the paints that are meant for children – if there is no mention of age limits on the package, no certificate is required.

For more details on the amendments made by the EEC, please contact the accredited certification center “Rostest Latvia”.