The Edict of the President of Russian Federation №583 of 28.11.2015 “On measures to provide national security of Russian Federation against criminal and other unlawful acts and on initiation of specific economic measures towards the Republic of Turkey” contains the list of products which are going to be banned from import from Turkey into Russia starting from 2016 y.

Following goods are enlisted:

  • Fresh and desiccated apples;
  • Bananas;
  • Wild strawberry;
  • Grapes;
  • Gherkins and cucumbers;
  • Mandarins;
  • Garden strawberry;
  • By-products and dressed chickens and turkeys;
  • Cherry;
  • Other.

According to the Edict hereof the prohibition extends only on goods imported for commercial purpose. Goods carried for private use are regulated the same as earlier according to Eurasian EC specifications.

Presidential Edict also contains directions to Ministry of industry and trade and Ministry of agriculture to prevent increase of price for above mentioned goods at the national consumer market.