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Certificate for milk powder

Vladimir Marchenkov (Эстония, 28 june 2016)

Do we need to get State Registration Certificate and Conformity Certificate to import to Russia Milk Powder in bags for food industry

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Certification for Customs Union: EAC marking

MALARKODI.J (Other region, 29 november 2015)

easy question

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Certification for vessels

Däumichen (Hessen, 24 september 2015)

We are manufacturing pressure tanks in Germany. And would
like to exportour vessels to russia. What documents should we obtain? We require the manufacturer certification? Please try to make an attractive offer.

Thanks a lot!

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Declaration of scarves and shawls

Renata (Berlin, 2 march 2015)

Dear sirs, we would like to export our products to Russia. We are manufacturing scarves and shawls here in Berlin. Do we need to certify this kind of products?

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Lip balm declaration

Catharine (Lyon, 19 january 2015)

What documentation is needed to export lip balm to Russia. It is produced in France. Looking forward for your answer.

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Declaration of silk bed linen

Jeanne (Brussels, 18 december 2014)

Hi! We are planning to export silk bed linen to Russian Federation, can you help?

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Water filters certification

Eugenia (Sofia, 3 december 2014)

I am willing to import  water filters - Aqua filters to Russia. What documentation do I need?

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Cheese products export

Alan (Edinburgh, 30 september 2014)

Hello, I am looking to export cheese products to the Russian market. What documents are required?
Many thanks, Alan.

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Documents for furniture

James (Dublin, 25 september 2014)

Hi, our company is willing to expand, so we are thinking of Russian market. We produce furniture, what documents are required for exporting to Russia? 
Thank you in advance.

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State Registration for adhesives

Mike (Tartu, 17 june 2014)

HI! Our company is interested in export of adhesives to Russia. What documents should we obtain?
Thank you in advance,

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Windows declaration

Michael (Leeds, 19 march 2014)

Dear Sir/Madam,
our company is planning to export windows to Russia, so I was wondering which documents are required?

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Coffee declaration

Aron (Riga, 5 february 2014)

I wonder which documents are required to export coffee to Russia?

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