Electrical Appliance Certification

Electrical appliance certification is the certification process of the quality and safety of regulated merchandise practiced on the grounds of state-level regulatory technical documentation – regulations, State standards, etc. Only in the case that the given products are confirmed to be in accordance with the established norms will the producer/distributer be entitled to the sale, […]

Clothing Certification

A clothing certification is a document obtained in order to certify the quality of a line of clothing and its adherence to envisaged safety norms passed and written in regulatory documents.   Clothing certification is considered obligatory and without completing it the corresponding procedure, no producer/importer of regulated merchandise will not be entitled to: Manufacture […]

Certificate for decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics are the products for body care, make-up, hair coloring and nails painting. According to Technical regulations of the Customs Union, concerning the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products (CU TR 009/2011 on July 01, 2012) decorative cosmetics compliance check mostly conducts in declarative form. An exception is the list of production which is […]

Certificate for pressed wood

Any company should obtain a certificate of conformity with the technical regulations for fire safety to export pressed wood within Russia. This document confirms that the material is fireproof and can be used according to its designated purpose. As a rule, certificate for pressed wood obtained under fire safety system is mandatory when transporting these […]

Certificate of compliance for cement

Cement and most of other building materials is not subject to mandatory compliance assessment within Russia. Consequently in order to export this product to Russia as a rule a businessperson does not have to issue any mandatory certifications/declarations. This is because customs code related to cement was not entered into any list of goods subject […]

Portland cement certificate

At the moment Portland cement is not subject to mandatory compliance assessment as customs code of this building material was not included neither into the mandatory certification/declaration index nor into the list of materials quality of which is checked under technical regulations. However most of exporters and manufacturers obtain voluntary certificate for Portland cement to […]

Certificate for a vessel

In order to export vessels into the Customs Union countries (Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan) it is necessary to obtain certain certification documents, the main of which is certificate for vessel, registered within the CU technical regulation assessment system. A certificate can be obtained only if the declared vessel fully meets the CU TR 026/2012. Technical […]

Certificate for fish

In order to supply fish products within Customs Union (Russia included), enterprises are required to issue a special permit, that will confirm compliance of imported fish to requirements set up in the CU. Quality standards for such product are regulated by technical regulation TC 021/2011 for food products. Let us remind you that technical regulations […]

Certificate of compliance for furniture

Furniture like most goods launched into the Customs Union market is a product that is subject to mandatory compliance check. Such measure is stipulated in order to ensure safety of consumers in the CU countries during use of different pieces of furniture. Furniture quality standards are regulated by the Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR) […]

Medical Products Certificate

To supply medical products within the territory of Russia, it is necessary to pass compliance check of the declared drug with the GOST-R certification system. Medical Products Certificate is a document which one needs to acquire to import and produce products and which testifies  compliance of the drug declared by a businessperson to requirements of […]