Certificate for alcoholic beverages

All alcoholic products imported to the territory of the Customs Union member states are subject to mandatory declaration. Manufacturing methods, as well as safety requirements, methods of compliance assessment and storage regulations of such products are set in the Technical Regulation 021/2011. This regulation is applied to most of food products launched to the market. […]

Certificate for toys

Toys imported into the territory of Russia shall pass quality inspection specified under the system of CU regulations. The CU regulation 008/2011, which regulates standards for toys, sets out safety requirements for these products, rules for assessment compliance, methods of packing and marking, methods of storage, etc. Therefore, to obtain a permit for importing such […]

Certification of equipment in Russia

Equipment comes on the territory of Russia and the Customs Union after verifying its compliance with the performance requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Certification of equipment – mandatory procedure for Latvian exporters, the results of which are issued certificates and declarations. Normative base In the Customs Union, there are […]

Dietary supplement certification

Dietary supplement it is the name for biologically active food supplements with healing, restorative properties. Because of the quality dietary supplements depend on the health of the consumer, before the release of this product it is necessarily to check its compliance with the requirements of regulations of the importing country. Dietary supplement certification in Russia […]