Dietary supplement it is the name for biologically active food supplements with healing, restorative properties. Because of the quality dietary supplements depend on the health of the consumer, before the release of this product it is necessarily to check its compliance with the requirements of regulations of the importing country.

Dietary supplement certification in Russia and the Customs Union is conducted according to the requirements of technical regulations “On Food Safety” (№ 021/ 2011) and “Food products in terms of their labeling” (022 /2011). Both came in force on 01.07.2013.

The main standard is a technical regulation 021/2011. Article 4 of the document is filed with a definition of dietary supplements as they are natural or nature-identical active ingredients, probiotics, which are used in conjunction with human food. Also are produced dietary supplements, which are intended for insertion into food products at the stage of its production.

How dietary supplement certification is produced

Verification of compliance of supplements described in chapter 4 of technical regulation 021/2011. According to the regulation dietary supplements are specialized products and are subject to state registration.

The registration should be conducted at the stage of preparation of dietary supplements for export to Russia or the Customs Union.

To register the supplements, manufacturer shall submit to the accredited certification center documents attesting to its safety. After consideration and confirmation that the products comply with regulations 021/2011, 022/2011, data about the manufacturer/supplier should be entered in a single register of specialized food products of the Customs Union.

After dietary supplements certification in the form of state registration is issued the perpetual certificate of state registration.

Documents that can confirm the conformity of dietary supplements with the requirements of the technical regulations

In order to enter information on the dietary supplements in a single register of specialized products, the applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  • application for state registration. The document shall include the nomination and place of business, the name of enterprise;
  • research protocols of dietary supplements in the test laboratory;
  • quality certificates for equipment and raw materials used for production of dietary supplements, and other similar documents showing products safety;
  • documents evidencing the appointment of supplements.

Can registration of dietary supplements be refused?

In technical regulations 021/2011 states that the state registration is not conducted in such cases:

• documents that the applicant has submitted, contain false information;

• dietary supplements do not concur with the requirements of the technical regulation “On food safety.”

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