VNIIS Letter of Exemption – official document, which issued by Russian Research Institute of Certification. The second informal name of the document – an exemption letter for customs.

If we compare the exemption letters with certificates and declarations, which are also submitted at customs when exporting the products, the letters are intended to formally notify regulatory authorities that it is not necessary to verify compliance. In other words, the exemption letter explains the absence of a certificate or declaration of conformity for products. The letter is requested from VNIIS usually in situations when the customs authorities cannot uniquely identify the product and manually set, it is subject to certification or not. Letter can be supplied in other cases when it is required to attract a competent organization.

Rules of registration of VNIIS Letter of Exemption

The shape of VNIIS Letter of Exemption, intended for the customs authorities, similar to what is made for the Russian domestic market. It is issue on letterhead SRI, assure by the seal of the head of the institution and address directly to the head of the customs authority, which control exports.

It is important to know for exporters that the customs are accepted only those letters that were issued by VNIIS.

Certification centre “Rostest Latvia” provides mediation services for certification and can be your representative in the Russian Research Institute. Appeal to the mediator will save your time, allow unhindered prepare the products for export.

In order to obtain an exemption letter, the exporter must submit the certification centre:

• informational letter, stating the basic details of the company, the type of activity;

• documents of the enterprise that confirming the fact of its registration as a legal entity / individual;

• copies of inventories accompanying documents regulating the export supply. VNIIS is interested in representation of the contract and invoice. If delivery is not under contract, submit a copy of the invoice. In cases, when the invoice products information was not detailed, supplied the packing list.

All exporters without exception submit these basic documents. In addition, suppliers of selected products may apply:

• technical description – if equipment is supplied;

• evidence that the product is a humanitarian aid;

• conclusion that supply not new, but second-hand products;

• permission to conduct clinical trials – is necessary for the products for research;

• certificate for the finished product – is required in cases when customs clearance presented spare parts;

• certificate of registration of goods in the public health authority – served for immunobiological drugs, test kits, diagnostic kits.

All these documents are submitted in the form of copies certified by signature, stamp of the director of the exporting enterprise.

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