ЕАС marking

EAC marking is a conformity mark put on products (or packing, label, regulatory documents) to indicate approval of the product by requirements set by law. Apart from safety and quality conformity approval EAC marking provides guarantee maintenance of goods/devices at service centres located on the territory of the Customs Union partners. This marking was approved […]

Importing products to Russia

To import goods to the Russian Federation businesspeople should obtain a number of permits, including certificate/declaration of compliance. It should be noted that at present time there are several systems for mandatory assessment of imported products quality in Russia: GOST R certification system, the Customs Union technical regulations, system of sanitary certification, etc. GOST R […]

The Customs Union – a free trade area

The Customs Union it is an agreement of several countries about the establishment of the territory where united rules for handling products does work and where introduced preferential customs regimes. In 2007, the union was formed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The result of six years of community activities was the development and introduction of […]

How to get a certificate of conformity

Certificates of conformity are documents issued after researching of products and confirmation of its compliance with sanitary standards, safety and quality standards approved by state standards or technical regulations. Certificates can be issued mandatory and voluntary. The mandatory certification referred in the government decree number 982 dated 01.12.2009, in Russian technical regulations and the Customs […]

Certification of products

Procedure of products certification involves checking its quality and compliance with the requirements laid down by the regulations. Certification is carried out during the startup phase of production – as providing the safe release of products for customers. Latvian exporters in cooperation with Russia and other countries of the Customs Union are certified before shipment […]

Certificate of conformity

Certificate of conformity it is one of permissive documents required for the release of goods into circulation in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus (these countries are part of the Customs Union). Manufacturers and suppliers of Latvia cannot enter the market with products that do not meet the requirements of regulations in importing countries. So […]

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity is one of the permits for the Russian Federation and the Customs Union, which confirms the safety of export products. Declaration issued after a special procedure – declaring. According to the Article № 24 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On technical regulation” only residents of Russia may take a […]

Certification of goods in Russia

Before exporting products to Russia or other countries of the Customs Union exporters should be inspected by verification of compliance – certification. Certification of goods in Russia is issued by several systems. This is due to the fact that different legislations are acting for different types of products: GOST state standards and technical regulations. Verification […]

The technical regulations of the Customs Union

Technical regulations are regulatory provisions establishing mandatory requirements for output into circulation. They are gradually replacing the regulations of the Russian Federation. This is due to the fact that the regulations of the Customs Union have wider sphere of application. The technical regulations of the Customs Union are accepted for the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and […]

The technical regulations of the Russian Federation

The first technical regulation was adopted in 2005 year and was the result of the reform started in Russia in the field of standardization. The technical regulations of the Russian Federation are intended to replace outdated GOSTs of the Russian Federation. For the time being, in Russia, at the same time, on different types of […]