Certificates of conformity are documents issued after researching of products and confirmation of its compliance with sanitary standards, safety and quality standards approved by state standards or technical regulations.

Certificates can be issued mandatory and voluntary. The mandatory certification referred in the government decree number 982 dated 01.12.2009, in Russian technical regulations and the Customs Union.

Forms for the certificates provided special forms protected against forgery.

How to get a certificate of conformity

No matter what kind of certificate is required – mandatory or voluntary, certification is carried out by a standard procedure:

1. Application is submitted to the certification centre, which experts are authorized to issue certificates of compliance, review the compliance of different kinds of products, equipment and other controlled objects.

2. The application is considered, the experts decide on the possibility of certification. Thereafter, the applicant will be sent notification of the date of certification or refusal (reason for not carrying out certification works must be indicated).

3. Applicant, according to the instructions of specialists of certification centre, collects documentary evidences of the compliance of its products.

4. The applicant provides to the professionals of certification centre the opportunity to choose the samples of products. This is to ensure that employees of test laboratory could examine the samples to determine their degree of compliance.

5. The applicant provides an opportunity to explore the production, if necessary, to evaluate its sanitary conditions, compliance processes of specifications and other regulations of the enterprise.

6. The applicant provides the opportunity for professionals of certification centre to examine the work of the system of quality management, if it is introduced in the enterprise.

7. Specialists of certification centre reduce the results of inspections, analyze the documents submitted by the applicant. After that, take place the decision of possibility to grant authorization document – certificate.

8. Document is issued, the data and basic information about the applicant make in a single register of RF or CU.

9. The applicant will be sent a notice of the results of examination and explaining where and how to obtain a certificate of conformity.

The most important thing in the certification process is to choose the right certification centre for compliance checking. The certificate is valid only after registration and can be spend only by those organizations that have been accredited in the executive branch and received permission to conduct certification.

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We know how to obtain a certificate of conformity as soon as possible, how to gather evidence of compliance quickly and how to issue other permits export documents.

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