Equipment comes on the territory of Russia and the Customs Union after verifying its compliance with the performance requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Certification of equipment – mandatory procedure for Latvian exporters, the results of which are issued certificates and declarations.

Normative base

In the Customs Union, there are 4 technical regulations that establish mandatory requirements for the production, operation and implementation of the equipment:

1. “On the safety of machinery and equipment” (010/2011) – is the main legal act regulating the treatment of various types of equipment. Here are described the safety requirements for equipment to technological processes associated with its production, preparation for launch, transportation, sale, installation, etc. On the types of equipment that are not included in the scope of TR 010/2011, act technical regulations 004 /2011, 012 /2011, 020 /2011.

2. “On the safety of low voltage equipment” (004/2011) – began to operate on 15.02.13. Spread on the equipment that operates at a voltage of 75-1500, 50-1000 AC/DC.

3. “On the safety equipment for working in hazardous environments” (012/2011) – its requirements are mandatory for equipment that works/does not work on electricity, equipped with special means of protection against explosion.

4. “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical resources” (020 /2011). Requirements of this document must match the equipment that creates electromagnetic interference during operation. In addition, the scope of this technical regulation includes equipment which work may affect electromagnetic interference.

Procedure for certification of equipment described in each of the regulations.

What are the certification and declaration of equipment represent

Certification and declaration differ in that with the first case, the primary responsibility for carrying out verification of the products lies with the certification centre.

In order to find out what is necessary to pass in each case – certification of equipment or declaration, it is necessary to familiar with the above technical regulations. For each type of equipment developed several certification schemes. Submit verification of compliance can be in such form:

• the certification centre surrender request and documents showing product safety, legality of industrial activity;

• surrender equipment samples for testing;

• carried out an analysis of the company. Checked all the stages: production, Quality Control Department, warehousing, points of sale, etc.;

• in the presence of the enterprise a quality management system is checked its condition;

• after obtaining the data of satisfactory condition of the equipment, experts decide to issue a certificate of conformity;

• after registration of the certificate production annually checked by the specialists of the certification centre.

In order to expedite the certification of equipment and the process of obtaining permits, please consult the certification centre that registered in the Customs Union.

“Rostest Latvia” it is a certification centre, which has permission to carry out certification works, registered the certificates of conformity. Please contact us if you are urgently need to require documents for export of equipment to Russia and the Customs Union.