All alcoholic products imported to the territory of the Customs Union member states are subject to mandatory declaration. Manufacturing methods, as well as safety requirements, methods of compliance assessment and storage regulations of such products are set in the Technical Regulation 021/2011. This regulation is applied to most of food products launched to the market. Thus, it is possible to obtain certificate for alcoholic beverages, which confirm the appropriate quality of the declared drink, only in case of full compliance of alcoholic beverages with the standards of the approved regulation.

Certificate for alcoholic beverages is a document effective in the Customs Union member states and certifying compliance of alcoholic beverages with the CU requirements.  Certificate for alcoholic beverages is issued only after specified laboratory checks.

As was noted earlier, compliance assessment of alcoholic beverages is carried out according to declaration schemes. Therefore, you should issue a declaration not a certificate for alcoholic beverages. Thus a businessperson is responsible for the data provided in the inspections sheets and the declaration. Declaration for alcoholic beverages is issued only to businesspeople registered in the CU member states.

How to get a certificate for alcoholic beverages

First of all, a businessperson should obtain certificate of state registration confirming compliance of beverage with sanitary standards of the Customs Union. You can obtain this sanitary certificate, as well as pass all stages of declaring alcoholic products in any specialized certification center.

Stages for issuing a declaration for alcoholic beverages:

• Contact of certification center by the importer;

• Selection of declaration scheme;

• Completion of application;

• Collection and provision of data and documentation, including certificate of state registration to the center;

• Carrying out tests on alcohol quality;

• Drawing up test reports;

• Preparing declaration and registering it officially at the accredited body.

Besides declaration, businesspeople often obtain a voluntary certificate for alcoholic beverages. This document is issued by wish of a businessman and certifies compliance of goods with separate quality indicators.

You can obtain obligatory declaration, certificate of state registration, voluntary certificate at Rostest Latvia center of certification services.