Before exporting products to the Customs Union countries a businessperson is obliged to obtain (issue) certain documents certifying compliance of the products features with the requirements established in the CU. The system of technical regulations requiring issuance of CU certificates or declarations operates within the CU countries.

The Customs Union declaration is an important document which is issued mandatory for some groups of goods launched on the CU market. The Customs Union declaration confirms the fact of compliance of the imported or manufactured products with the requirements of technical regulations. Today it is necessary to obtain this declaration when importing food products, wrapping, some categories of clothes, furniture, etc.

Declaration of conformity to technical regulations of the Customs Union is different from certificate in that responsibility for reliability of the data reflected in the declaration and checking protocols falls on the businessman during issuance and the same responsibility falls on the accredited authority during certification.

Approved Technical Regulations regulate all peculiarities concerning safety of certain groups of goods, as well as the rules for assessment of compliance, methods of production packing and storage. It is possible to get the CU declaration only upon confirming compliance of a product with all CU TR standards.

Declarations registration procedure

Checks provided for by the corresponding technical regulations, as well as filling in declaration are carried out in the certification centers. When contacting any certification center, a businessperson will need only to fill in correctly the application form for declaration, as well as to provide some data and samples of a product. It should be noted that all laboratory researches, drawing up protocols and registration of declaration are carried out by authorized experts of the certification center. Finally a businessperson, having spent minimum of his time, obtains a ready-to-use document.

Period of validity of the Customs Union declaration depends on the object of declaration (manufacturing, lot of goods or a supply contract).

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