Cement and most of other building materials is not subject to mandatory compliance assessment within Russia. Consequently in order to export this product to Russia as a rule a businessperson does not have to issue any mandatory certifications/declarations. This is because customs code related to cement was not entered into any list of goods subject to mandatory state compliance assessment. However a lot of cement exporters / manufacturers issue these or those voluntary Russian certificate for cement.

Certificate of compliance for cement is a document proving that the stated building material meets characteristics stated by businessperson. Such documentation is issued in compliance with Russian GOSTs. Upon issuance of certificate of compliance for cement the enterprise is granted the right to put a special marking onto package of its product, presence of which enhance consumer trust. Certificate of compliance for cement is issued only upon completion of all laboratory checks of the building material, proving compliance of product with all established standards.

Other documentation

In order to simplify customs clearance when transporting cement to Russia it is advised to issue a letter of exemption, testifying to customs officers the fact that building material imported into Russia is not subject to state check in Rosstandart.

In order to testify sanitary safety of the material one can get an expert review. Such sanitary certificate is issued for goods from the first section of Customs Union Commission Decision No 299.

Any certificate of compliance for cement can be obtained at Rostest Latvia certification center. Our agency possesses long-term experience in cooperating with accredited certification bodies in Russia. Contacting Rostest Latvia will bring you the following benefits:

  • Experts’ consultations (free-of-charge);
  • Assistance in choosing the best certification scheme;
  • Assistance in collecting evidence and documentation;
  • Arrangement of sampling;
  • Carrying out quality examination (our center cooperates only with accredited laboratories) ;
  • Registering document in the corresponding registers;
  • Delivery of the finished certificate to the applicant;
  • And other.

You can get any further details by contacting Rostest Latvia experts.