Any company should obtain a certificate of conformity with the technical regulations for fire safety to export pressed wood within Russia. This document confirms that the material is fireproof and can be used according to its designated purpose. As a rule, certificate for pressed wood obtained under fire safety system is mandatory when transporting these goods across the Russian Federation. All Russian producers of pressed wood should obtain fire safety certificate as well.

You do not need to obtain a certificate or a declaration for pressed wood under GOST R certification system or under the CU system of regulations as this material is not included in the corresponding lists for mandatory compliance assessment. Therefore, to confirm compliance of pressed wood with certain quality/safety standards one should obtain a voluntary certificate. Such document increases competitiveness of products in Russian market and enhances chances for signing beneficial contracts. Let us remind you that before obtaining a certificate for pressed wood, a supplier-businessperson is to personally choose those standards and regulations according to which declared products will later go through certification tests.

Certificate for pressed wood can be obtained in certification centers according to the rules specified by Legislation of the Russian Federation.  Such document is issued if compliance of the material with the prior established standards has been proved. 

How to get a certificate for pressed wood

This document can be obtained according to the following procedure:

  • A businessperson contacts experts of certification center and chooses scheme for compliance assessment (there are several schemes of certification as the document can be obtained  for a shipment, manufacturing process or a supply contract);
  • A businessperson files an application and provides necessary data to the employees of the center;
  • Staff of the center checks the provided data;
  • Tests of pressed wood samples for their compliance with the standards set out before are carried out (when carrying out fire certification, standards are specified in the Russian Federation technical regulations on fire safety);
  • Meeting of the commission of the body accredited in this or that system of quality assessment, and announcement of the result.

It is also recommended to issue an exemption letter for pressed wood – a document which simplifies customs procedures. Such documentation confirms absence of necessity for carrying out obligatory GOST R certification/declaration.

You can obtain a certificate on pressed wood in Rostest Latvia certification center. Our agency has long-term experience of cooperation with Russian accredited bodies.