At the moment Portland cement is not subject to mandatory compliance assessment as customs code of this building material was not included neither into the mandatory certification/declaration index nor into the list of materials quality of which is checked under technical regulations. However most of exporters and manufacturers obtain voluntary certificate for Portland cement to confirm the quality of their cement.

Certification document for Portland cement will prove to consumers that the stated building material really meets individual characteristics and quality indicators. Portland cement certificate is also a considerable plus for participants in different tenders.  Presence of such documentation speaks for trustworthiness and professionalism of the businessperson. In order to simplify customs clearance for import of cement it is advised to issue a letter of exemption, testifying that transported product is not subject to Russian certification/declaration. A letter of exemption for customs in most cases substantially reduces time for customs clearance.

Other Portland cement certificates

Other voluntary certificate issued for Portland cement is an experts review. This type of certification document is issued for those product groups that are attributed to corresponding section of Customs Union Commission Decision No 299. Expert review testifies for sanitary safety of materials and substances.

Procedure for issuance (obtaining) Portland cement certificate includes carrying out mandatory research of the building material. The requested document will be issued only in case of due compliance of product to this or that regulation.

We would like to note that upon successful completion of voluntary certification the product can be marked with corresponding marking that enhance consumers trust.

Portland cement certificate can be issued for manufacturing, supply Contract or a single lot of building materials. From certification scheme that was chosen depends validity of the document, its cost and also necessity to carry out inspection checkup of manufacturing.

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