Electrical appliance certification is the certification process of the quality and safety of regulated merchandise practiced on the grounds of state-level regulatory technical documentation – regulations, State standards, etc. Only in the case that the given products are confirmed to be in accordance with the established norms will the producer/distributer be entitled to the sale, transportation, storage, actual production, and other actions pertaining to the regulated merchandise.    

Strict regulations in quality evaluation are established with an aim to ensure the maximum safety of the products of interest on the territory of the Russian Federation, sometimes also across the entire Customs Union.

Regulatory Documents

Certification of electrical appliances takes place with the consent of various documents, depending on the type of regulated merchandise. The basic types of regulatory documents are:

  • TR TS 010/2011 “On the safety of machines and equipment”;
  • TR TS 020/2011 “Electromagnetic compatibility of machinery”;
  • TR TS 004/2011 for the safety of low-voltage equipment.

More on Certification

Sometimes envisaged by law in addition to required certificates for electrical appliances is the receipt of additional permits for particular types of merchandise. That list of documents includes:

  • Explosion-proof Certificate: a document necessary to formalize the confirmation of the equipment’s safety in the given aspect;
  • Fire Safety Certificate according to TR TS “On fire safety regulations”. This document must be formalized for wares indicated in the corresponding list;
  • Safety expert review report: a document which must be received in the case that the electrical appliance is considered part the equipment of the hazardous production facility;
  • Other.

Voluntary Electrical Appliance Certification

The law has also envisaged the possibility to formalize a voluntary certificate indicating the given regulated wares’ accordance with the norms and requirements that the producer/supplier deems necessary. This type of certification is not required, but many producers and importers prefer to formalize such documentation. The voluntary certification of electrical appliances provides the entity obtaining it with an array of significant advantages, including for example: growth in sales, respect amongst partners in the business community, and heightened chances in winning a tender.  

Certification Process

Certification of electrical appliances entails the testing and examination of various types strictly regulated by the state.   

The applicant, first and foremost, compiles and application and sends it into a specialized certification center accompanied by the required package of documents envisaged. Then, a selection of samples will take place, which then will undergo independent expert evaluation. In some cases, inspection control of the merchandise will also be envisaged.

All examinations end well, then the corresponding document will be formalized registered in a unified register.

The application to begin the certification process of the electrical appliances, as well as other certification procedures may be handed over to Rostest Latvia center specialists by calling or by submitting the form on the web site. Free consultations are also available from our experts on any issues you have questions about!