In order to supply fish products within Customs Union (Russia included), enterprises are required to issue a special permit, that will confirm compliance of imported fish to requirements set up in the CU. Quality standards for such product are regulated by technical regulation TC 021/2011 for food products. Let us remind you that technical regulations approved by the CU Commission set requirements for compliance assessment as well as for manufacturing, storage, marking and disposal of product. A certificate for fish can be obtained only after proving compliance of the product imported to CU countries to TR 021/2011.

Certificate for fish grants a businessperson the right to produce fish products in the CU countries as well as to export such goods to Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. Certificate for fish testifies compliance of fish products to all technical regulation requirements.  Please note that as a rule official compliance assessment of food to CU TR standards is carried out according to schemes for declaration. That is why businesspeople should obtain exactly declaration. Let us remind you that declaration is issued only to those companies that are registered in one of the Customs Union countries.

Requirements to marking procedures for food are set in the CU TR 022/2011. Please bear in mind that a new technical regulation that will specially regulate safety of fish products will soon come into effect. So fish will be excluded from the list of goods of the CU TR 021/2011.

Particularities of compliance assessment procedure

A certificate for fish can be obtained at an official certification agency. Process of quality compliance for fish products is performed in several stages:

  • Issuance of additional certificate (state registration certificate) on compliance with sanitary safety requirements. Such documentation is required to be issued only for some products;
  • Choice of scheme for declaration;
  • Carrying out laboratory research for fish and check of documentation of the applicant company;
  • Drawing up of declaration;
  • Declaration registering at accredited body.

Please note that a businessperson applying to certification agency is required only to submit to agency staff a set of documents and samples. The rest of the work will be carried out by accredited experts of the certification agency. You can learn details about importing fish products to Russia and also order the necessary certificate at Rostest Latvia – a certification agency