Furniture like most goods launched into the Customs Union market is a product that is subject to mandatory compliance check. Such measure is stipulated in order to ensure safety of consumers in the CU countries during use of different pieces of furniture. Furniture quality standards are regulated by the Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR) No 025/2012 approved on June 15, 2012 that sets requirements for most furniture categories. Consequently in order to obtain permit for supply of pieces of furniture a businessperson should undergo certification procedure and confirm compliance of goods with the CU TR No 025/2012.

Certificate of compliance for furniture is a document that grants the right to import furniture into the CU countries and testifies compliance of pieces of furniture to standards specified in technical regulation. Certificate of compliance for furniture can be issued by any businessperson; such document is valid across all the countries included into the CU.

Technical regulation No 025/2012 also stipulates schemes for declaring pieces of furniture. So depending on the type (category) of declared furniture a businessperson should issue either a declaration or a certificate for furniture. Please note that declaring under the CU TR can be performed only for the enterprise registered in the Customs Union country.

How to obtain certificate of compliance for furniture

The easiest way to obtain an official certificate or other documentation for furniture is to obtain it from specialized centers cooperating with accredited certification bodies. Experts of certification services centers will suggest the best possible certification scheme for your case, assist in getting to know legislation requirements and also offer all-round services in undergoing all stages of compliance assessment. Let us remind you that certification process consists of several stages including checking the documents of the enterprise, test of sample furniture and other.

In some cases the importer of such products may be required to undergo sanitary or fire-safety certification. Voluntary documentary quality proof can be obtained for any type of furniture. The most popular voluntary certification document for furniture in the RF is certificate registered within GOST R.

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