Decorative cosmetics are the products for body care, make-up, hair coloring and nails painting.

According to Technical regulations of the Customs Union, concerning the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products (CU TR 009/2011 on July 01, 2012) decorative cosmetics compliance check mostly conducts in declarative form. An exception is the list of production which is given in Application 12 of the Rules of CU TR 009/2011. Enterprises are required to pass the state registration of products to get special certificate on the cosmetics of this list.

Declaration of Conformity for perfume and cosmetic products according to CU TR and the certificate of state registration is made for one or more product names and is valid until the changes in the product name and / or formulated products, leading to changes in safety performance.

How to get a certificate for cosmetics

In order to obtain a certificate for cosmetics it requires an applicant (the manufacturer, the authorized representative of the manufacturer, importer) to provide a number of documents confirming the compliance of products with the stated requirements, as well as documents describing the physical, chemical and organoleptic properties of perfume and cosmetic products. Also an applicant carrying out hygienic examination of products, or the provision of expert opinion on the results of accredited laboratory research products for compliance.

To obtain a certificate for cosmetics composed of nanomaterials, the applicant should offer additional information on them: the chemical name, the size of particles, physical and chemical properties.

Find the answers to the list of required documents, as well as receive assistance in obtaining necessary permits can be in our certification center. After this experts of our centre will carry out all remaining stages of certification procedure, including carrying out tests on quality and drawing up protocols (if the certification centre is accredited for carrying out such tests). Decorative cosmetics certification with the CU regulations is an important procedure, so it is recommended to entrust it only to qualified experts.

You can get all further information contacting “Rostest Latvia” experts. You can also obtain a required certificate at our office.