Customs officers will be able to change customs tariffs on their own initiative since December 26th, 2014. This right is subject to the adjustments to the FL On technical regulation on November 24th, 2014, due to the Federal Law No 365. According to these adjustments, customs officers will have authority to change customs tariffs, if products are coded incorrectly.

Special features of customs tariffs change

Customs officers, however, by all means have to inform the declarant-businessman that carries out the delivery of the product. The notification can be sent to the declarant as an official paper or by electronic means. It must contain information about the product (full name, former customs tariff), a name of the customs authority, a name and a signature of the person who changed the tariff, as well as a name of the declarant-company. Along with that, customs officers have to include in this document a number of new customs tariffs, documentation with the error, and a justification of the tariff’s change. FL No 365 also regulates new rules of determination of customs tariffs for goods that are to be cleaned in the customs office as incomplete.