The introduction of the new document that will regulate vehicle safety all over the territory of the Customs Union is expected to take place on January 1st 2015. The ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) had been preparing for the enforcement of the TR CU 018/2011 for a long time and now it will finally come into effect. New permits (CU Industrial Safety Certificate, Vehicle Type Approval, and others) will be applicable in all the CU member states.

It should be noted that the introduction of this regulation implies that the permit rules for vehicles and spare parts will change. As for the already obtained certificates, the Industrial Safety Certificate and the Vehicle Type Approval, they will be accepted until their official expiry date but not past the established transition period.

The transition period for the TR CU 018/2011 will end on July 15th 2016. Past this date companies will have to obtain new documents in accordance with the new standards of the CU.