It is planned to change approach to before-sales marking of goods made of real fur. The decision dedicated to this matter was passed on October 10, 2014 by EEC Board.

According to it is intended to implant chips into furs as a marking procedure. The testing of this system is planned for 2016.

Attaching chips will allow to stop delivery of counterfeit furs into market and protecting the CU importers and manufacturers engaged into lawful delivery of products. Different agencies will be responsible for new marking control in different CU member-states. In the RF it is tax administration, in Belorussia – ministry in charge of taxation, in Kazakhstan – Ministry of Finance. 

New marking was discussed during round table dedicated to measures for preventing an import of illegal products into the CU. The participants discussed the topic of costs for implanting chips. As it is impossible to avoid additional expenses, EEC Minister of Trade suggested to decrease import duty by 1-1,5% (now it is on the level of 10%) that will allow to cover costs of attaching chips and prevent unwelcome move of furs suppliers into grey economy.