On 20th January, 2015 the Eurasian Commission adopted Decision №1, stipulating the necessity to amend the FEACN nomenclature of the EEU as well as the CU single customs tariff. More specifically, the changes suggested by the EEU will affect such product category as dates. The Decision №1 stipulates the following:

  • Dates, fresh and dried, will be excluded from the FEACN (codes 080410000, 0804100001 and 0804100009 respectively);
  • The FEACN will now include one reference for “Dates” (code 0804100000), which will be the only code designating all types of these fruits in the FEACN.

Thus, dates will be classified solely using this code, which will be included in all the new versions of the lists of goods for conformity assessment in accordance with the CU Technical Regulations and other standards used in the CU.

The changes in the FEACN were published on the EEU website on 01/21/2015 and will take effect in a month, i.e. on 02/20/2015.

More on the certification of dates

Regardless of the FEACN code, dates must be certified according to the CU standards. All fruits, dates in particular, are subject to the CU Technical Regulation “on Food Safety” that has been in force since July 2013. According to this TR, dates are submitted to quality assessment which is finalized with their declaration. It should be pointed out that the declaration of dates can be used in all the CU member states which facilitates their implementation and transportation within the CU.

The FEACN code for dates is required for filling in various documents, i.e. during customs inspection.

More details about the changes in the FEACN can be obtained in the accredited certification authority “Rostest Latvia”.