New standards have been established following the Executive Order №1521 of December 26th 2014. They will be applied to the Technical Regulation used by entrepreneurs that establishes safety rules for the construction of facilities, buildings and other structures.  According to the new requirements, 2 GOST standards and 74 rule bases for this normative document will be enforced starting July 1st 2015.

More on the implementation of the new standards

It must be noted that these standards cover a considerable number of construction phases and regulate the norms for inspection, safety requirements, etc.  Their implementation will require to adapt certain laws that are already in force.  In this regard, the Ministry of Defence must bring amendments to the current standards for fire safety before the end of March this year for them to be adapted to the new standards for the TR on buildings and structures. 
 The recommendations for the application of these standards will be developed by a different structure – the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities which is also concerned with construction issues.

Starting July 1st 2015 entrepreneurs will no longer be able to apply the old standards, they will be obliged to assess quality in accordance with the new requirements.

We remind that compliance with the Technical Regulations is established after inspecting the object together with its documentation.  There is a specific procedure for inspection that is established in the Technical Regulation itself.