As of 1st May, the Technical Regulation of the CU that has been in force since 1st January this year regulating the safety standards for wheeled vehicles will operate under the control of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD). The first 2 months of operation of the standard took place without any control from authorities, which caused controversy among various members of the Customs Union. During the meeting which took place on 11th March it was decided to establish the organizations that will monitor the implementation of the Technical Regulation of the CU 018/2011 throughout the territory of the EAEC.

More on the establishment of regulatory authorities

It was decided that as of 1st May Rosstandart will be responsible for the area of ​​the normative document that controls the commissioning of wheeled vehicles, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be responsible for the area of ​​the document concerning vehicles that are already used on the roads of the Customs Union.

We recall that the Technical Regulation for wheeled vehicles has significantly changed the requirements for car certification. The quality assessment of wheeled vehicles in accordance with the national regulations of the CU member states has been abolished. In addition to that, the Euro certificate that used to be issued for car import and for the certification of its environmental safety has also been abolished. From now on, a Motor Vehicle Safety Certificate is required for customs control. It certifies both the environmental safety and the vehicle structural safety.