GOST R it is a set of standards for internal government of the Russian Federation. GOST R certification it is a procedure designed to test products, equipment, properties in accordance with GOST. Certification is carried out in order to the products, which are sold on the domestic market, were safe for the consumer, the environment, private and federal property.

GOST state standards are developed separately for each species or group of products. Requirements of these documents are required to implement and apply to all processes related to the production and equipment, construction of houses.

Certification is not the only form of compliance checking. GOST are also provided for carrying out the declaration.

GOST R certificate and declaration are documents that attest to the success of the verification of conformity and product safety.

How the certification and declaration of GOST R are carried out

There are some differences between the procedure for checking conformity of certification and declaration forms. They concluded that in the first case, the duty to examine the products and determine the extent of its compliance with the requirements of GOST is specific to an accredited certification centre.

For registration, the GOST declaration manufacturer or supplier of the product is entitled to the certification centre prepared test reports. Research can be conducted in the laboratory of enterprise. In addition, the manufacturer/supplier (or their representative) can choose their own laboratory for testing.

GOST R certification is conducted through several schemes, which provided by the state standards. They are chosen at the discretion of professionals of certification centre, but always agreed with the company. The certification procedure is as follows:

• filed the application for the verification of conformity, which lists general information about the company and its products;

• surrender registration, regulatory, and technical documents;

• selected samples of the goods, surrender for research in the laboratory;

• specialists of certification centre study and analyze the received documents.

GOST R certificate is issued by specialists of certification centre after examining the evidence base and pronouncement the appropriate decision. After that, the annual inspection of production conditions conducts.

GOST R Declaration is issued at the company, but registered in the certification centre. In this document, unlike the certificate, contains a formal statement of manufacturer about the safety of its products.

Certification and declaration can be mandatory or voluntary. On the need of obtaining, a declaration or GOST R certificate says Russian government resolution number 982, adopted 01.12.09.

Despite the transparency of Russian legislation, producers from Latvia are often faced that it can be very difficult to define a set of permits for entering the Russian market.

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