Declaration of fire safety is a document confirming the compliance of the product with technical regulation of the Russian Federation “On the fire safety requirements”. Declaration is issued after verification of compliance in the form of declaring. Latvian exporters are required to undergo fire safety check procedure, if they plan to launch such products:

  • various substances and materials, except for construction materials, finishing materials for mobile railways and metro and also extinguishing and flame retardant;
  • gas fire extinguishing compositions, except for argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide (if the gas composition specific weight of basic substance is greater than 95 %);
  • the primary means of extinguishing the fire, except for fire-extinguishers;
  • fire tools;
  • fire-fighting equipment, except generators of foam, fire hoses and nozzles, foam mixers;
  • construction materials, except those that are designed for finishing evacuation routes;
  • channels of engineering systems for smoke protection;
  • mobile fire extinguishing means;
  • materials for tailoring protective clothing;
  • rugs.

Latvian exporters are declaring through their official representatives, registered in the Russian Federation. Only they can act as applicants for declaration.

Schemes of declaring

Declaration of fire safety can be issued for the above-mentioned products, which is realized as serial products or for individual parties. To check the product, which the manufacturer plans to produce consistently used the schemes:

  • 1d – to verify the compliance is enough to present your own evidence;
  • 2d – declaration is issued after the testing of samples of the products and examining by the specialists of certification centre the submitted documentary evidence of compliance;
  • 3d – the declaration can be issued only after the organization of products testing, certification QMS and examination of the evidence of compliance.

Individual parties are tested by the scheme 5d after the examination, the study of submitted by the applicant own evidence of compliance. Procedure of declaring suggests that the manufacturer of the products conducts it. Accredited employees of the certification centre only have the responsibility to check the submitted documents, including test reports, and issue permission (or deny) for the issue of a declaration of safety. As evidence of compliance submitted certificates of quality of raw materials, for applied on the production equipment, for acting in the enterprise QMS, regulations, methodological development, guidance of usage of the products, inventory-accompanying documents (contract, invoice, bill of parcels, packing lists).

Validity of the declaration of fire safety is 5 years.

Only accredited certification centres and laboratories can issue the declaration for products. “Rostest Latvia” is your reliable partner, which has all the necessary permits to conduct certification works in Latvia and Russia. Please contact us if you need clarification on exports to the Russian Federation or the Customs Union, assistance in collecting evidence and organization of production tests. In order to start the procedure of declaring, you must apply to the office of “Rostest Latvia” in Riga.

We also accept applications via e-mail and online on our website.